So you set an Energy Consultation with Flo, What Now?

Congrats! You’ve taken the first step to go green, and not only that, you’re going to save money doing it! So you’ve set an appointment for an Energy Consultation with Flo Energy, what now?

A Solar Energy Consultation generally takes 30 minutes to an hour. To make that time productive, it’s important for us to have accurate information regarding your home and energy consumption so we can make an accurate proposal tailored specifically to you. For that reason, we ask for a picture of your power bill or your monthly kilowatt usage so we can determine the number of panels needed to produce the amount of power you consume!

If you already provided your power consumption data, you are good to go.

If not, you can do so here

Some other ways you can aid in your Energy Consultation running smoothly are:

  • Confirm your appointment. Respond to your Flo Energy Consultant’s confirmation text to help him optimize his schedule so he can give you his undivided attention.
  • Invite your spouse. If you are married, or share these decisions with another member of your household, make sure they are present as well! Having your spouse present allows them to learn, ask questions, and feel just as confident in Flo as we know you will be.
  • Clear a table. Your Energy Consultant will have a clean presentation prepared for you. Having a table cleared will allow him to show you the numbers and teach you about the program, free of distractions.

We are thrilled to be a catalyst in your journey to go solar. See you soon!